Mariko Tsuji’s message

Most people on the spiritual path could be categorized into three groups. Please observe the patterns carefully.

The first pattern is he thinks he is chosen.

1.He might ride on someone’s back (enter the Dohyo with another person’s loincloth) and insist he is “the Creator”. It is pointless to return to the earth unless he destroys the illusion that he is “the One”. If perchance, you are chosen, then all the life is already chosen from the time of their birth. It is not something special, it is equal for all life.

Another pattern is to admire a specific person as a teacher.

2.Whatever you do, do not ever admire me saying I am a teacher. Likewise, you, I am just one of the persons seeking the truth of the universe. The teacher ultimately exists within yourself, not in the world outside. One day, at the time the earthling awakes from the long sleep and develop into adult at the Galaxy level, you will understand the meaning of this word.

3.And the last pattern is to focus only to the world of light without admitting the dark and to lose sight of zero point.

It is very important to keep zero point by seizing control both light and dark, rather than trying to see only the world of light. However, it is important to depart again and return to zero point rather than continue staying at zero point. You cannot join the creation of the universe unless you admit the dark also exists within you. Man continues to integrate light and dark in order to continue being no one but himself. Remember that the world of the light alone is also sophistic.