Woman Wins Australia Surf Competition After Riding Wave With a Pod of Dolphins

Shutterstock/Paulphin Photography

It’s surf competition season in Australia, and one lucky surfer not only won her first world championship but got to do it with a pod of dolphins as her wingmen. NBC News shared the video that was recorded on April 21st by the World Surf League at the Western Australia Margaret River Pro, and it’s one you’ll want to watch more than once!

The video shows 22-year-old Hawaiian surfer Gabriela Bryan surfing on a large wave during the final competition. Seconds later she realized she was sharing the wave with a pod of dolphins! Watch the video to see the different angles that captured the very cool moment.

How awesome, right! I wonder how often this actually happens to surfers. I would love to have an experience like this! NBC News commenters also expressed how cool they thought it was, and wondered if Gabriela thought they were sharks. I’m sure she’s shared waves with dolphins before, but not at such an important time since it was the final event!

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More About Surfing Dolphins

CNN reported that Gabriela thought it was a ‘magical’ moment. She said, ““When I kicked out, I was just wow! That wave was sent to me by someone, the dolphins in it. It was magical”!”

I’ve seen videos of dolphins surfing before and wondered why they do it. Surfer Today shocked me when they shared that dolphins have been riding waves for more than 11 million years! Dolphins use their smooth bodies to “navigate across the unbroken parts of the waves, trimming the surf line as surfers do.” It goes on to say that if you were close enough to hear it, you’d be able to hear the dolphins talking and whistling to each other. Once the wave is ready to break, dolphins turn back around and line up again for another ride, sometimes after jumping out of the water to celebrate their success.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge aren’t sure why dolphins surf, “They’ve been doing it for ages. They might just be having fun. They are deeply intelligent creatures, so why not just have some fun and hang out.”

Researchers have a few other theories on why dolphins ride the waves. Some think that it might have to do with choosing a mate. Others believe dolphins are using the power and force of waves to “optimize the swimming trajectory underwater and help to dislodge parasites from their skin.” Some biologists believe “the splashing noises they make while riding the waves are a form of communication with other nearby dolphins and increasing social bonding.” That would back up that they’re out there just to have fun!

Whatever the reason, it’s always fun to be at the beach and see dolphins in the waves. I’m sure that surfers enjoy it when it happens, too!

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