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Cluny Hill

The place for my first meeting with spirituality in 2000. I learned a lot since that.

Behind Cluny there is a small hill with trees and an ‘energy point’.

I once went up to that energy point for meditating. After sitting down and preparing to meditate I noticed that the mosquitoes were gathering for a meal…Lunch I think, So I asked them politely and without spoken words to stay away until I finished.

I went into meditation – it was a weird feeling, I became a part of the soil – the Earth – just a dark mount without particular shape and with 2 eyes.

At the best of my knowledge I did not get any mosquito bites that day – even they returned for their lunch when I finished.

Kamikura Jinja – where I spoke with the Kami

The shrine is build next to the big rock where the kami lives.

the VERY steep staircase to the shrine

After the steep staircase ( which nearly killed me) the ascend is easier.

entrance to the shrine area

the Torii at the foot of the steep staircase

view from the shrine

On our way up we followed a group of Shinto-worshippers –

they were chanting and ‘dancing’ at the Torii downstairs and especially in and around the stone itself.

I actually felt sorry for the stone – he couldn’t run away…

So after the worshippers left I went to the stone – put my hand on him and sent him all my compassion.

I was quite shocked when he replied…. with a laugh.

After a bit of picture exchange – I left. With the knowledge that he was far more Enlightened than I as a human being could ever be.